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Other Types of Insurance We Offer

Movie Boat Insurance

Are you exploring ancient ship wrecks for a documentary? Are you using during these shoots? If yes you need movie boat insurance.  There are so many things that could go wrong while on a boat shooting any type of film.  Because of the unique risks associated with ‘water’ the insurance industry that caters to the entertainment industry has developed its own way of dealing with shoots on the open water.

Types of Coverage Available in the Movie Boat Insurance Program

  • Hull & Machinery Insurance Coverage – What if your boat gets damaged? Your personal boat policy will probably not cover and damage while you were shooting a film.
  • Charterer’s Legal Liability – Are you taking a film crew out on your owned or rented boat? If so you need this coverage.
  • Towers Liability – Are you towing a boat of any kind during your production? I mean towing a boat by boat. If so you need Towers Legal Liability Insurance.
  • Protection & Indemnity (Including Jones Act) – This kind of insurance is like workers compensation for people on the sea or ocean or commercially navigable waters.
  • Excess Liability Insurance – Do you need additional liability coverage because the limits on your general liability insurance need increased? One way to increase coverage is to purchase and Umbrella Insurance Policy, sometimes referred to as an Excess Insurance Policy.
  • Wharfinger’s Liability – If you are shooting a film on a pier, this coverage needs purchased.
  • Owned & Rented Equipment – Do you plan on renting equipment for your production? Do you own equipment? Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your home or renters insurance will cover your equipment while you use it for making a film.
  • Negative/Faulty Stock – It would certainly be a shame of your stock of film was ‘sunk.’ Get it insured!


Otherwise known as Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy (T.U.L.I.P. Insurance).  This specific type of insurance is purchased to secure fast insurance for events and other activities at different locations, concert halls, and venues across the country.  The TULIP Insurance program can provide low cost general liability insurance for the businesses and individuals that are performing at the location.  For instance the venue would purchase this coverage and their various ‘acts’ could purchase liability insurance through the venues TULIP program, usually at a cost savings over independently purchasing insurance.

How does the TULIP Insurance Program Work? It is rather simple.  First the venue must purchase the coverage.  The venue will then make this coverage option known to each of their performers that are scheduled and will provide an identifying code to the performer so that they may purchase their own insurance at a discounted rate.

Essential Element Coverage

This type of coverage can be selected by the producers, directors, or investors of the film to provide the ability to abandon the film or production in the event a key (essential) element becomes unable to perform their duties due to accident, illness, or death, for a specific time that prevents the production from being completed.  If there is a covered abandonment claim, the producers, directors, and/or investors would be reimbursed for all of their costs (subject to the limit chosen of course) incurred due to the essential element claim.

Cold Sore Coverage

This type of coverage helps relieve the financial burden that results when one of your leads actors or actresses develops a cold sore or other unsightly blemish.  This differs from Cast Coverage as Cold Sore and Blemish based coverage takes into consideration that the insured can still physically complete their job, but due to the unsightly spot or sore the scene and series of shots would be ruined.  This coverage is rare with smaller productions but with productions with budgets over $5,000,000 this coverage may make sense.

Are You Covered?

Most insurance companies specifically exclude certain losses. Be sure to get informed by clicking some of the examples of common exclusions.

  • Flood
  • Mine Subsidence
  • Valuable Items and Property
  • Sewer or Sump Pump Back Up
  • Home Day Care or Business

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