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Our Nightlife Insurance Program consists of various coverage enhancements that are meant to protect the entire spectrum of exposures that bar and night club owners face.   Our expertise in the field is supported by over 30 years of the experience in this industry.  We insure nationally known restaurant franchises, mom and pop pubs, nightclubs, and dance clubs just to name a few.  The risks that this category of business presents can be vast.  Our agency can help you best determine what coverage is going to be best for your operation, big or small.

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Nightlife Insurance and Insurance for Clubs

Assault and Battery Insurance

Many individuals that are getting into the security guard business are looking for assault and battery coverage. Assault and battery insurance protects the security guard from vigorous claims that come up when a person was assaulted or hurt. In fact many nightclubs, strip clubs, bars, and retail stores are adding assault and battery coverage to their current liability policies. By adding this type of coverage you can help prevent those problems that occur from an assault.

Liquor Liability Insurance

If you are an establishment that sells, serves, or helps in any way in the purchase or even consumption (in some cases) there is a chance that someone could get hurt and property could get damaged due to an individual being intoxicated.  Liquor Liability Coverage can be purchased for a bar, restaurant, nightclub, and even for events such as weddings and festivals.

Nightlife and Bar/Club Employment Practices Liability Insurance

This type of liability insurance is utilized and activated during the employment process as well as the hiring/firing process.  EPLI Coverage can also apply to circumstances when other employees discriminate against fellow employees.  Usually the types of Employment Practices Claims seen are workplace conduct claims, discrimination claims, wrongful hiring and firing claims, failing to promote, and the inappropriate and unwanted sexual advances of a manager or employee, just to name a few.  Although you can purchase this coverage as stand-alone we usually see EPLI covered under Directors and Officers Insurance and even under Business Owners Insurance Plans.

General Liability Insurance for Nightlife Establishments

Commercial General Liability for Bars, Restaurants, Taverns, and Night Clubs protects the assets of the establishment.  This Liability Insurance type can include the bodily injury but can also include the property damage that may occur as a result of a film shoot. If your production will be located in a public park you will certainly need this coverage. Most private locations such as large homes or plots of land will most likely require General Liability Insurance as well.  Usually DICE risks that require D.I.C.E. Insurance will be rated on the total annual production costs of the firm.  In other words the insurance costs will be directly attributable to the annual budget of the production company. General Liability Insurance for a Production Company or an Event will only apply to Third Party Property Damage and Third Party Bodily Injury Claims or Lawsuits.  This coverage will only apply to those who are not part of the event or production.  If the event or production has employees or assistants then that would require Workers Compensation.

Hired and Non Owned Auto Insurance

Does your company use your personally owned vehicle for your business? Do you rent refrigerated trucks or box trucks or use other peoples’ vehicles during your course of business? Rental Vehicles that you rent under your business name will require hired and non-owned auto insurance liability.  If you have employees’ that are using their own personal vehicles for the production then you would need to carry this hired and non-owned auto insurance liability for producers.  Hired & Non Owned Auto Liability protects the assets of the business when operating vehicles not specifically owned by the business.  This HNOA coverage can typically be packaged along with your business owners (BOP) or even commercial package policies that include General Liability Insurance.

Hired Car Physical Damage Coverage

If you are renting a vehicle, borrowing a vehicle, or using your personally owned vehicle for your business or event what happens if you wreck the vehicle? We know that hired and non-owned auto insurance only applies to the liability that you pose to others, so how does your hired/borrowed vehicle’s damage get fixed? The only way to get the damage fixed on a hired or borrowed vehicle is by purchasing the Hired Car Physical Damage Coverage.

Spoilage Insurance

Protects you against loss of power outages and or refrigeration malfunction that causes your food to spoil

Business Income and Extra Expense

This protects you from loss of income when damage to its premises by a covered cause of loss causes a slowdown or suspension of its operations. Coverage applies to loss suffered during the time required to repair or replace the damaged property. It may also be extended to apply to loss suffered after completion of repairs for a specified number of days. This is also called Business Interruption Insurance. The Extra Expense portion pays for additional costs in excess of normal operating expenses that an organization incurs to continue operations while its property is being repaired or replaced after having been damaged by a covered cause of loss. Extra expense coverage can be purchased in addition to or instead of business income coverage, depending on the needs of the organization.

Types of Establishment Insurance We Can Provide

  • Bar Insurance
  • Restaurants Insurance
  • Tavern Insurance
  • Nightclub Insurance
  • Concert Venue Insurance
  • Dance Club Insurance

Are You Covered?

Most insurance companies specifically exclude certain losses. Be sure to get informed by clicking some of the examples of common exclusions.

  • Flood
  • Mine Subsidence
  • Valuable Items and Property
  • Sewer or Sump Pump Back Up
  • Home Day Care or Business

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