Entertainment and Production Insurance

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With the financial incentives of producing movies in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas the insurance industry has developed extra-ordinary programs for every production company. Not only can we insure the planning, creating, developing, and shooting of the media, but we also have pre and post-production insurance available.

If you have any questions about insurance or can’t find what your looking for, contact us.

Types of Eligible Productions

  • “The Making of” Videos Insurance
  • Animation Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Community TV Interview Insurance
  • Corporate Video Insurance
  • Demo Reel Shoot Insurance
  • Digital Video Insurance
  • Direct Sale Videos Insurance
  • Director’s Reel Insurance
  • Documentary Insurance
  • Editing Insurance
  • Educational &Training Film Insurance
  • Experimental Film Insurance
  • Feature Film Insurance
  • Festival Reel Insurance
  • Film Promotion Insurance
  • Independent Feature, Low Budget Insurance
  • Industrial Insurance
  • Infomercial Insurance
  • Instructional Video Insurance
  • Live Action Shot Insurance
  • Miscellaneous Production Insurance
  • Motion Picture Insurance
  • Music Video Insurance
  • Non Airing Pilot Insurance
  • Photography Shoot Insurance

  • Pick-up Shoot Insurance
  • Point of Sale Video Insurance
  • Post-production Insurance
  • Pre-production Insurance
  • Promotional Video Insurance
  • Public Access Program Insurance
  • Public Service Announcement Insurance
  • Reality Based TV Show Insurance
  • SAG Experimental Insurance
  • SAG Limited Exhibition Insurance
  • SAG Modified Low Budget Insurance
  • Sales Video Insurance
  • Short Film Insurance
  • Soap Opera Insurance
  • Spec Commercial Insurance
  • Spec Production Insurance
  • Television Pilot Insurance
  • Television Series Insurance
  • Television Special Insurance
  • Thesis Film Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Training Video Insurance
  • Video Biography Insurance
  • Video Game Shoot Insurance
  • Video Location Survey Insurance
  • Video Shoot (Miscellaneous) Insurance


Entertainment Services

  • Photographers, Videographers, DJs: The Photographers program covers photographers, videographers and DJs that provide their services to public and private functions.
  • Recording, Editing, Pre/Post Production Studios: The Studio program covers recording studios, editing studios, pre-production studios and post production studios.
  • Rental Houses: The Rental House program provides insurance for companies that supply the entertainment, sports and leisure industries with the equipment and/or support services.
  • Shell Corps: The Shell Corp program is for incorported individuals in the entertainment industry such as actors, directors, producers, writers, cameraman, singers, musicians, composers, radio/TV broadcasters, athletes, coaches and trainers.


  • Annual Events: Over 200 event types can be declared to the annual policy. No maximum attendance. No limitation on number of days.
  • Annual Vendors & Exhibitors: Provides coverage on an annual basis for a vendor, exhibitor, or concessionaire at a Trade Show, Festival, Fair, and similar activities.
  • Event Cancellation: Event Cancellation for over 150 types of events, up to 90 days in duration.
  • Foreign Events: Provides the full spectrum of insurance coverages at competitive premiums for foreign productions of any budget, up to 12 months in duration. Single Production and multiple production (annual policies) are available.
  • Promoters: The Promoters program insures a promoter of events such as music, festivals, shows, clubs, parties and more.
  • Special Event Coverage: Coverage for a Single Event. Over 200 types of events. No attendance maximum. Maximum event duration is 90 days.
  • Theatrical Groups: The Theatrical program covers touring and non-touring theatrical companies.
  • Touring Entertainers: The Touring Entertainers program covers touring musical groups, touring entertainers and performers, comedians, house bands, and baby bands.
  • Vendors & Exhibitors: Provides coverage for a vendor, exhibitor or concessionaire at a single Trade Show, Festival, Fair and similar festivities.
  • Venues: The Venue program provides coverage for the venue for the events taking place at the venue.
  • Hip Hop Concerts and Rap Concerts: From the biggest arena known to the small city venue our insurance programs can meet budgets both big and small.


  • Contractors Equipment Floater: Comprehensive coverage for the Scheduled & Unscheduled equipment of contractors.
  • Entertainment Equipment Floater: All risk, worldwide coverage for scheduled entertainment related equipment including Cameras, Production, Editing, Musical, Theatrical and miscellaneous items.
  • Film Print Floater: The Film Print Floater provides all risk coverage for film prints, and certain expenses incurred to reprint, recopy or repair lost or damaged property from original material.
  • Personal Articles Floater: All risk, worldwide coverage for valuables and collections including jewelry, fine arts and other miscellaneous items.

Errors and Omissions

  • Multimedia Production E&O: Provides Producers & Distributors E&O Coverage. Limits up to $5,000,000, coverage term up to 3 years.

Stunts and Scenes

  • Eligible declared stunts, animals, and precision driving scenes can now be purchased as a buyback to the existing stunt exclusion. Multiple scenes can be quoted online simultaneously with the production.

Entertainment Equipment Insurance

We can provide all risk coverage for scheduled entertainment equipment. Whether you need a stand-alone equipment policy or need it in conjunction with a liability policy we have the product that can fit your needs. Please use the useful information contained on this page to answer any questions you have. If you can not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

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